Important Centre Information


We feel communication between the centre and families is very important and we are always pleased to receive input from families.

We have different ways of communicating with you and telling you what we have been doing at the centre:

  • Profile books to record each child’s learning journey.
  • Quarterly newsletters provide families with information on the terms programme planning, activities, professional development and other information.
  • Photos are displayed on the digital photo frame showing activities the children have been involved in.
  • Programme planning is displayed for families to view.
  • Parent teacher interviews are held during the year.
  • Our four year old group time is documented on a weekly basis.
  • Sleep/rest times, nappy changes, toileting and sun-screen applications are recorded on forms in the appropriate areas and are available for parents to view daily.


For 2 year olds and older children who do not participate in the 20 ECE:

  • $230.00 for the full week
  • $48.00 per day

For 3 and 4 year olds who participate in 20 hours ECE:

  • $160.00 for the full week
  • Otherwise, this will vary depending on the hours attended. We are happy to provide further information on this

Payment terms

Fees are to be paid on a weekly basis by automatic payment or direct debit. Our fees policy has further information.


One week’s fee is to be paid upon enrolment. This will be credited to your child’s account but is non- refundable if your child does not start at the centre.

Holidays and absences

The normal fee is payable if your child is ill or absent for some other reason as your child’s place is still held open. If at all possible we will do our utmost to offer you an alternative day if our numbers allow.

Work and Income assistance

We have forms available at the centre if you are eligible for a Work and Income subsidy.

Changes/ notice period

Two weeks notice in writing is required when your child is either to leave the centre or to change their days.